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Experts in Smoke Ventilation, Car Park Ventilation, Detection and Efficient Parking Systems

Design, Installation and Maintenance


CPS Ltd provide a full turnkey service of design, installation and maintenance of  Smoke Ventilation & car park ventilation systems. 

Car Park Ventilation

We are able to offer a fully intelligent car park system integrating ventilation, parking guidance and energy management which results in an energy efficient user friendly environment.

Smoke Ventilation

We provide design guidance and supply and installation to natural and mechanical smoke ventilation systems; for stair, lobby, corridor, atrium and basement applications. All systems can be linked via our intelligent control systems with a central HMI panel.



With a combined experience and knowledge of car park ventilation, smoke ventilation and natural ventilation systems of over 70 years, we will be able to provide the most suitable and efficient system to meet with your requirements.

All of our systems are designed and installed in accordance with the relevant sections of the SCA guide, Approved Document B, Approved Document F Scottish Technical Handbook,

BS 8519:2010, BS9991, BS9999, EN12101-3, EN12101-8, EN12101-10, ISO21927-9; using on CE marked and fully tested products. 

Our client base is compiled from all stages of a project from Architects, Consultants, Private Developers, Main Contractors, M&E Contractors, Facility Managers and End users.


London Office

20-22 Wenlock Road


N1 7GU

Glasgow Office

Workspace 1

Suite 1.7

Fullarton Road


G32 8YL

Tel: 0330 058 1703

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